Mini Cardio Classes

These classes are your chance to get exercise off your to do list & into your regular weekly schedule. It is your chance to really know your Pelvic Floor is safe because these workouts are made for you. You are going to feel better in mind & body, have the energy & the positive mindset you desire.

Does this sound like you:

Looking for a quick cardio fix that won't compromise your pelvic floor.

You want to improve your bone density & don't know what's safe.

Most HIIT classes don't accommodate your Pelvic Floor injury or osteoporosis.

You want to improve your pelvic health & bone density.

You don't have time for gyms & want to exercise at home.

You don't want to sacrifice your exercise because you need it be low impact.

Easy Access Online

Access classes any time of the day, anywhere & on any device.

No More Frustration

You know you can do these short classes with out any adaptations for your injury & you know you are Full Widthsafe!

No Equipment Needed

You don't need any special Equipment not even a mat & you can enjoy your workouts in the smallest of spaces.

Why I Created These Classes

I understand as a mum of three just how important it is to be able to run after your children freely without worrying you might hurt your back or leak a bit.

I also know as a business owner with a busy life how much I need some regular cardio exercise as a way to decompress.

I also work with many women going through or reaching menopause who understand the importance of cardio exercise for bone density & particularly those with osteoporosis.

I have listened to many women express their concerns to me about how hard it is to find time to exercise & feel confident that what you are doing will be safe helpful.

These are just some of the reasons why I created these short sharp cardio classes to do in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

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