Rebecca Liljendahl

Rebecca is an expert in Habit Transformation, a certified coach registered with the international coaching federation, and a CIPD-qualified HR professional.

As Head of Design and Development for Hälsa Wellbeing, she provides specialist health and wellbeing training to companies, charities and the NHS across the UK.

Using the latest science and research around health, well-being and behavioural change, Rebecca inspires people to change their own habits and make sustainable, practical and impactful improvements in their lives. Having studied Psychology at a degree level, Rebecca has always been fascinated with why we don’t do what we want to do.

In her flagship Habit Transformation Group, individuals explore their own habits and behaviours in a safe and fun environment. Rebecca’s infectious and high-energy delivery emboldens individuals to make small but impactful shifts in how they think, use their phones, exercise, eat and prepare for sleep.

As a CIPD-qualified professional, she has over 10 years of experience in generalist HR, specialising in Recruitment and Learning and Development. This has given her the perfect exposure to understanding the importance of well-being in the workplace and the realistic changes that can be made. She is focused on finding cost-effective, realistic and engaging well-being solutions for all her clients.

Your Pelvic Health Goals Need Consistent Habits to be Achievable

-Learn how to change your mindset and integrated the habits you want.

-Progressive steps so you won't feel overwhelmed.

-Directly relate your new habit skills to your pelvic health course.

-Find the time you didn't know you had so you can achieve your goals.

A Little Time goes a long way

You want to do it but don't think you have time. Rebecca teaches you exactly how.

Self-Care isn't selfish

Your family can still be a priority alongside you in integrating self-care into your life.

There is Hope

You have tried things before & you have lost faith. There is hope & you can do this.

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